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What really makes people happy?

This question stirred Elisabeth Oosterhoff’s curiosity, and her unique way to find the answer was to approach people on the streets and simply ask them! In fact, she made herself a promise to interview one person a day on the subject of happiness for an entire year. The result is her fascinating book The Many Faces of Happiness: Inspiring Stories of What Makes People Happy.


Oosterhoff interviewed 365 people, ranging between the ages of five to 95, across three different continents, and found their definition of happiness to be both universal and at the same time deeply personal. Her special ability to win over complete strangers and have them confide in her their most personal experiences will captivate readers of all cultures and ages. From stories of overcoming tragedies and heartbreak to the simple joys of family, friends, and pets, each story gives the reader a glimpse into the innermost thoughts of another human being—and is guaranteed to make the reader happy and inspired.


You will not want the book to end!

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